Evolution of how we consume music


I’m a very big fun of music and when I say big, I’m not talking about having background music when drinking at the bar or listening to music in the car when you have nothing else to do but enjoy rows and rows of corn fields whisking by. I’m talking about have an intimate quality session with your music setup, soaking in a good hour or so of music. For people like me, discovering new artist/sounds is of great delight and it’s amazing how that discovery has evolved as the years go by.

Rewind to 1999, zoom in on the young me, and you will see me spending hours download musics from Napster, Kaza and the likes until these sources where place in shackles by the media piracy laws.  Then came the Ipod and Itunes which helped us discover and buy music for a reasonable price. That made a big impact on how people consumed music as they could just buy what they wanted while browsing a sea of music collection. I never owned an Ipod but did enjoy its huge collection of artists/music through Jennie’s account. I believe the rise of internet radios such as pandora, lastfm etc is what expanded my collection of artists and music alike. The discovery through internet radio was so good, at least for me, that I never found myself wanting. Then Spotify show up and added icing on to cake. With Spotify, I find myself discovering music with the help of friends and family linked to my account. I think Spotify is “currently” the most innovative ways for music lovers to discover and enjoy music and the best part, you wont be doing it along.


Credit: Featured  image by Pcataldi at Odosketch.