Storage usage stats by SpaceSniffer


If you are an engineer like myself, you end up accumulating tools that make your working life easier over the cause of  the years. Yesterday, I spend sometime cleaning up my laptop and was shocked to discover the amounts of tools I have accumulated in my toolbox so I thought it would be great to blog about these tools for they might be useful to someone as well.

We all clean our computing machine (laptop, desktop etc) once in a while and sometime you like to know which folder/program is taking up space. There are a few tools to sniff out the space consumption on your machine but I have see or used any better than SpaceSniffer. SpaceSniffer cruises through your machine in a few min and shows a graphical representation of your space usage. The good guys at Uderzo Software have been kind enough to give this away for free so click the link above and get sniffing.

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Zoho adds to Software as a Service (SaaS)


The buzz is on and every major software company is keeping a tight watch on the direction of the market as Google and the open-source community continue to push software as service for free or less. Its amazing how many office suites Google offers on the web as  freemuim package. In fact, there is one company that is not so well known as Google or MS but has one of the most complete and robust suite of office software as service. This would be Zoho . Their products range from word pressing app to CRM for customer relation management. Not only do their product exist on the web but also have offline enabled.  Below is an image of their offerings (Just to let you know, this is not an Ad, I don’t work for or get paid by AdventNet) .





If you have a business and are looking for office software as service, its worth taking a look at these.

FolderShare comes to Mac’s


Windows Live FolderShareThe MS Live team just push a new release of FolderShare but not only for windows but for Mac’s as well. A very good direction on MS part. I find a lot of Mac users screaming about how MS doesn’t support the Mac platform but really, if you look at it, Mac doesn’t support Windows platform unless it $$$$ for the iBoss (Steve). If you don’t know what FolderShare is, I encourage you to take a look it at. It allows you to share folders and its contents across multiple machines. It also allows for remoting into your disparate machines to access content. No need to email yourself documents anymore. Now, the Mac users can take part in sharing their folders!!!!!!!!