BMW pushes the envelope again


Innovation is key in this business world of ours and one company always seems to “wow” me again and again. BMW, known for not just their elegant designs but break-through engineering just showed of what they call the GINA project. The pseudo-living car. The car has the dynamics to change its shape and form. GINA, which stands for Geometry and Functions in ‘N’ Adaptations is skilled with a textile fabric wrapped around a carbon fiber and metal frame. Just like living beings, due the skeleton framework of the car, it’s able to conform to the Nth shape. Check out this video.


Cyborg’s are not too far


Remember watching Robocop back in the days and remember tell myself, “it will be cool to live in an era like that”. Well, if you were one of those kids like me, your dream is not to far. Peng Shulin, a man from China who had the lower half of his body severed in a tragic accident and has since been in bed till now, doctors in china have engineered a device (bionic legs) that enables Peng Shulin to walk around just like us. While there isnt much information about the device, it is said that Shilin lower half sits in a cup like device which is connected to the bionic legs through which hes able to control how the legs operate. The new age is upon us. More power to the inventors.