We Have Lift Off! part 1


 14th of July,2011 was/and will be a very special day for me. NASA took it’s last near-orbit flight on 14th of July,2011 which was both a joyful and sad moment all together. NASA has absorbed the majority of space exploration expenses from the first shuttle lift off and just like how the government thought the internet was ready to live in our homes and businesses (after many years in research at government institutions including NASA & US military), the US government feels near space exploration is ready for private businesses to takeover. I will like to say cheers to NASA for all the work the have done for mankind and looking forward to their next chapter – deep space exploration. I know there are people out there who are not very happy about this but the processes has worked before – the internet; and there is no reason it believe it wont work again if done right.

14th of July,2011 also marked my first flight at a series of personal projects. It was my first day off my corporate job; part of a gradual transition process to getting started on my personal projects. It’s been a great ride in the corporate world, working for both big and small software companies. This is by no means my declaration of  a complete departure from corporate world. In fact, I am still an employee of Employee Benefit Corporation(EBC), with a sweat working schedule for which I’m very thankful. It’s really an exciting time for me because I get to try something new and personal.  Thanks to the lady of the house – Jennie, my family and my friends for their support. I will also like to thank EBC’s CIO, James Lyerly for all his support.

So what are my personal projects all about? Stay tuned.

Credit: Featured  image by hebertkozu at Odosketch.


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