Part 1: Reporting for duty after 2 months of AWOL



I will like to start by thanking Jeff Ottum and Alan Kneel for their emails in relation to my wedding. Thanks guys. I appreciate it. Its been 2 months since I made my last post and 4 months since I made a post on this blog  so I will try to elaborate on what I have been up to so far. I might have to split this post into two as I might not be able to finish due to time constraint.

Table of Content

  • What I have been up to
  •   – Go-live at work
  •   – Family Time
  •   – House maintenance
  •   – Programming
  •       – Google Android
  •       – ASP.NET MVC
  •       – F#
  •       – Silverlight


What I have been up to

I lot has happen the past few months after my wedding. It’s been crazy here and I haven’t had time to catch my breath. I will not be able to elaborate on every aspect of it so not to bore you out of your mind. After all, you are not here to read my memoir.


We just went live with our 2nd major version of our management software at work, streamlining processes from customer enrollment to management to renewal or termination. Since go-live, my team has been very busy supporting issues in relation to management. Our end-to-end management software includes our client and customer portals in which I own. That’s to say I have the largest surface area exposure in relation to issues, hence, very busy. I have learnt a lot through out this project and we already have plans for our next release with some exciting new features. 

Family Time

Jennifer and I have been spending a lot of time together as we didn’t have vacation days to go on a honeymoon. Some of my co-workers are not happy with that and insist I take off from work for my honeymoon. Well, we do have it planned, it’s just not time to execute it. We just had our wedding (took days off for that) and we also took a couple of days off during the years to take care of some other family business. Go-live at work needs support and a lot more. Due to all these reasons, we decided to push it off to next year but make it a point to spend time together after work. That has translated into less time on my computer and …you know the rest.   My mom was also here visiting this past few weeks and that was great. I got to have some good home made meals …mmmmm…. I’m missing it already. We also finally got our wedding pictures. I must say, I’m not big on pictures but I really like these. I will put up a couple later.

House Maintenance

Whoever said owning a house doesn’t come with responsibilities. Huh. I have had to set time aside to get the house ready for the coming winter. We had a leakage in the guest bedroom and that had to be taken care of. We also had other problems that need to be resolved but all in all, I’m feeling more like an owner now and I can’t complain. At least I don’t have to do the lawn and snow blowing.


I will like to end this post here as I will need more time for the programming section than I have now. I will have some code samples and others in my next post. 


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