This past few weeks and months have been very busy as my fiancee, Jennie and I have been working hard on planning our wedding since we came back from Hawaii in January. Well, its a been very busy since January and I haven’t been able to blog more than I will have liked to. This past June 1st was our special day and it was great. Everything leading up to it was a challenge I must say.

It started of with the “Let have our wedding this June” banner after Hawaii and we only had 4 months to plan so you can just imagine how busy we were.Tasks included choosing the location, finding vendors, bargaining for the best prices ( you better be good at this if you want the best for less, hahaha). Developed our wedding site and more but it was all worth it.

Everything worked out just great and the date didn’t slide. Not only did we have our wedding this past June 1st, but it was also a family union and reunion between the two cultures and families. I had my parents, siblings, cousins and friends fly in for it. I must say, I’m blessed because the wedding was on Sunday (due to space vacancy) and we worried that most people will not be able to make it. But despite all the worries, they did. I will like to say a big Thank you to my family and friends for the great support. I also got to see some of my nephews and nieces for the first time. That was exciting.

Unfortunately, I had a go-live for our biggest major project at work so I had to be back at work after the wedding. I’m still decompressing and looking forward to getting back into the development and blogging game.


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