Enough about the IPhone


Frankly, I am sick and tired of all the wow and yahhhhh about the iphone. Its a great looking phone with all the cool features (again, apple looks at cool factor before features) but nothing worth in relation as a business phone. It doesn’t even support 3G . I must say, the phone is impressive but if I ever read or hear about the iphone again on engadgets (which by the way has so far made about 62 post on the iphone), I will have to numb my senses by knocking myself out. I cannot stress have sick I am of hearing the wow about the iphone. And by the way, Steve Jobs doesn’t care about you. He made the shareholders happy in the first week of sales so lets leave the iphone alone and go on to more advance technology like the bionic limbs in my next past.


One thought on “Enough about the IPhone

  1. Ruby Buah

    I agree! I am so tired of all the talk about the iphone. Then again, that is expected from me… my phone doesn’t even have a camera and no internet πŸ™‚ hahaha.

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