BlueDragon brings CF to .NET


The subject of this post is a bit …..but yep, its here, like cobol.NET, we now have Coldfusion.NET(BlueDragon) by bluedragon Inc. Coldfusion.Net allows natively integrate and deploy your CFML on the .NET platform. Your coldfusion app get compiled into dll which gets deployed in the same way you will deploy your application. You can share session state, application state and more between application and application. In fact, when you write a coldfusion webservice, underneath it is really a .NET webservice. You can even natively call all .NET librarys in your coldfusion application and visa vesa. In the nutshell, your coldfusion.Net application is a .Net application written using the CFML. Great combination of a great language with the lowest learning curve and a platform so rich in libraries. Companies running coldfusion on java now don’t need to switch to ASP. All they have to do is recompile their application for the .NET platform and deploy it in a .NET environment. It is aslo important to note that Coldfusion.NET is not a service or server but extends the .NET framework in a standard way (just like ASP.NET did) via HttpHandler(bruedragon.dll) in order to process coldfusion page. You can read more about BlueDragon for .NET (Coldfusion.NET) and BlueDragon for J2EE (Coldfusion.J2EE) at


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