Adobe on the Ajax Wagon


I keep hearing Ajax to the extent that Im getting sick of it. Its like the developers opiom these days. But, I guess it really is. When you see major companies like MS, Google and now Adobe jumping onto the ajax wagon, then you know that things are getting serious. Adobe has it own version of Ajax library out (beta) but wait……before you say “I have seen all the Ajax libraries and they are basically the same” , just hold that thought and take a look at Adobe’s Ajax library (code name Spry) with an open mind. Its the best I have ever seen and their path is definatly very very different but yet the most practical. Adobes Ajax library allows you to use your familiar html elements, css and javascript to create your components or widgets (they call it). You will have to import the spry javascript library into your application.

By doing that, you get access to Spry html tags, elements and class like the repeat and region class and more.

Here is a link to check it out and browse through the examples just say, its like bring mxml (flex) or xaml(WPF) but rather to the html community.

Check the demo’s out at


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