Windows SharePoint Services 3.0


Its being a long time since an posted anything out here. That just because im being busy with my current project on WSS beta 2.0 to TR. Technical Refresh (TR) was just released last week so if you are still interested, its still not too late to jump onto the beta testing wagon. For far, i have had a few fustration in relation to developing solution for the SP Plateform. The most prominent for me is security handling. Its seems SP security architeched has be redesigned and just doesnt work well as at now. It could be a bug or who know. In any case, here is the issue scenario just in case you are going this route. My application deals mainly in relaying data from SP to Adobe Flex application through which my client interacts with the data and updates are sent to sharepoint. I built a webservice wrapper around the SP Object Model using the Sharepoint.dll. My service impersonates an account that has all the rights to access the SP site as well as the SP db. Now for some reason, credentials are not passed from the wrapper class to SP making my application prompt for server authentication in order to access SP.I played around with the idea for awhile but due to project time constriant, i had to resort to using the WSS genereic List webservice located at I will be posting some sample codes ads to accessing and massaging sharepoint data through the SP OM or webservice.


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