Mac / Windows


You know, it seems all mac funs see is what mac can do and how it will so affect windows in relation to the release of mac boot camp. It seems people have not really done the math so let me do it now and its very simple. Mac is not taking anything (not market share) away from windows. Windows doesnt make hardware, they make software. The companies going to loose (if even windows will run efficiently on mac machines) will be the Dells and hp’s and the what nots. In fact windows will gain, people who buy macs with windows will be buying windows which is $$$ in MS pocket. MS will make more sales with mac’s move in MS space. Secondly, if mac is so good, why the hell are they trying hard to plug windows into it. Mmmmmmmmmm beats me! Yeah, it does. They even had to borrow office from windows and now they want to put winodws into mac and still say mac is better. lol. Let me laugh at that. When business men work, they are not looking forward to flashy screens (like mac has placed itself) but rather a tool that gets the job done. We dont need two tools of the same task function to do the same job. Its like using sql server and mysql at the same time, mmm for what. So the main reason why mac is placing windows as it next marketing campign is because windows has something to offer the mac world want and need ,that which mac itself cannot offer (like MS Office hahahahahhaha).


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