MM press release of Flex framework, Flash player 8.5 and Flex builder 2.0


This is very exciting i might say. I have been using flex 1.0 for a while now and hopefully, alot of its limitation will have been solved. The most important aspect of the macromedia products that macromedia NEEDS to take strong steps is “better intergration between their products”. It was sad to need to copy the flex component framework into flash just to build flex component. These should have been made readily available in flash. The building block of components of both systems (flash and flex ) are a bit different and that makes it hard to integrate the two in a high level application construction. We should be able to switch between flash & firework (or photoshop because of adobes aquisition) within flash (just like the way swift3d Xpress works with flash). I hope in time all these will be solved. Im happy for whats coming out and i cant wait to give it a try. The developmental team at my work place is doing a case studies on our next licence purchase and they are looking at MM flash tools and MS Expression tools. Personally, its a hard choice as developers but my loyalty to MM still stands. The are smaller and they got it right the first time. MS had to follow in their foot steps with Expression.Now that adobe is in the picture, i hope they do a better job competing with MS.
Need to read more about this


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