Goowy should not by underestimated


Its been over 15 years since e mail emerged. We are lucky to be in the blink of any age where information is very important. More so, the ease of information availability is important. E mail has been one of the largest industry in respect to information since the web spring up. Almost 75% of the earths population use e mail. Some of the key players in the e mail industry are yahoo, msn , excite and google. Each company is try to give its uses a better experience and mainly, a better way to communicate. Each has its own unique feature or features. The war is still going on between these great companies. But there is an emerging e mail client that is about to join this war : Goowy mail. Goowy mail is a flash e mail client application. There is a lot I could say but all I want to say is “wow”. What we have being waiting for is here, bringing the desktop to the web. Goowy mail is offering to bring you desktop to the web. Not in the sense that you can see you actual desktop on the web but the design pattern is closer to desktop than anything else. Experience is a better teacher. Take goowy mail for a spin at


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