Google has done it again


There are two new products from google that provide a great experience just in case you haven’t heard. They are Googles new google talk (a chatting client) and google desktop search beta 2.

Google Talk:

I downloaded google talk this morning and took it for a spin and I must say it’s pretty good. It does not have all the fancy features like IM or YAHOO IM but its only in beta so we can forgive it for its flaws. I’m sure the next future release will certainly incorporate some of those fancy features like file transfer, grouping of friends (contacts ) and more. The only aspect Im not so keen about is the fact that you need to have a gmail account in order to use google talk. I don’t blame the company for using their new product as a marketing strategy to get people to flock to its email service but still ….. Least I forget, it also allows you to do voice chat. All you need is the essentials, a microphone and speakers. (no brainer huh).

Google Desktop search beta 2
If you haven’t heard or don’t know about google desktop search beta 2, I will advise you give it a try. Wow, all the information you need right in front of you. More search features including the ability to search different file types and their meta data like avi and more. I could go on and on but its best for you to take it for a spin. Love it.


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