Revolution: Flex on WebServer and not Flex Server


MM is paving the way for the next generation RIA development. The next generation RIA dev software: Flex, does not need flex server any more. The buzz is in the air. MM is doing away with flex server and replacing it with an ordinary webserver. That means, Flex will run on IIS or Apache or …. any webserver (so far as its supported by MM which the major ones will be ). That said, I think i can deduce the road map of Flex, the next big realise of Dreamweaver will have some major enhancement. Just as you can develop ASP, COLDFUSION …. on dreamweaver, we will also have to option to creat flex application. In setting up your flexsite, you will choose which Server to use (IIS / Apache ..) and boom, you will be home free! That’s to say Flex will be free. We wont need to buy a flex server. But of cause there is a hidden cost some where. haha. Yes, there is. In order to get Enterpise level feature (framework classes), you will have to purchase the flex server. We dont know what features are being extracted into the Enterprise flex server but hopefully, it wont be the case that we will “have” to buy the server just because the free version cannot go beyond the level of showing buttons and panels.


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