Vista for Windows XP


The big giant Microsoft today announced the official release date of its new operating system code name Longhorn as Windows Vista. Here is a short video of the announcement. As you can see the working bees at MS are very excited. But as much as this is an exciting news, developers and IT staff all around the world await to see what MS Vista has to offer over XP. XP had its problems at the time of release but has grown to be strong and reliable with the application of service pack 2 and more. I hope the beta version of Vista release for developers and IT professionals will enable MS to amend holes that already exist in Vista (if any). The competition is in full force. APPLE vs MS. Personally if you ask me, APPLE is a good operating system but people condemn MS so much because its widely used and it’s likely to find more fault with it because of its wide uses. If Apple was suppose to take the place of MS, the same will be said about APPPLE because there will be people our there who will try to break into it. I hope the competition brings out the best in both OS. Not to forget, if you are a developer and you haven’t tried VS.NET 2005. I will advise you do so since it will help in reducing the learning curve when it ships out.


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