Effects of Adobe’s acquisition of Macromedia


Adobe’s acquisition of Macromedia (MM) has been one of the biggest new for Web/Mobile application developers and Designer. Why? Well, we all know that MM is one of the leading companies whose products have a tremendous impact on the web. Talk of Dreamweaver MX 2004, Director MX 2004, Flash MX 2004 etc. I could go on and on. This even excludes some of the project that has been “canned” and never made it out to the real world. My colleagues and I have been talking about the effects of this acquisition and it looks like Adobe might get rid of some of MM’s products and replace them with their competing products. Example, Adobe might scrap Dreamweaver for GoLive and more. I’m sure many developers out there will not be happy about that. But knowing that Adobe is a credible company in the media industry, I believe they will do a better job with MM’s future. This is what I see happening,

1. PDF and Flashpaper will become one; call it Flashpdf (hahah). A product that will
combine that best aspects of both pdf and flashpaper. This integration could mean embedding animation in pdf files, cool navigation between pages of Flashpdf , the option to print to pdf or flashpaper, reduction in file size and more.

2. GoLive will go away. If you ask me, it’s not as good as Dreamweaver. The most likely thing to happen will be to merge the two products together. This will not hurt the Web dev community but only make it stronger.

3. Flex will be transformed into a fully fledged heavy web based application dev. Flex offers almost about the same or more features visually (components ) than ASP . There are a few things that flex lacks; an example is a tighter integration with the backend: server side code and DB. At present, there are alternatives such as using the web service classes: webservice, remote object or through HTTP service. This, I think Adobe should and might extend flex in order to make it a robust developing environment.

4. Flash will stay on its road map but will have a tighter integration with editing tools like Photoshop and Image Ready. You will be able to jump between these dev tools and edit your work. Better yet, combine these 3 tools to become one powerful web design tool.

5. We will see products of Adobe and MM share the same file types like .mov, .avi, .mpeg4 and more. This will be great because one could move files from one dev tool to another without any difficulty or buy a third party software.

6. Even though this might sound trivial, I think the UI for MM product will be improved. Adobe has a good eye for ease of use and they always do a good job in breaking the UI of their dev tools in a way that makes it easier for people to learn. Flash and its sister products are not very daunting if you want to develop simple animation but to take advantage of the true power of Flash for greater App, you will have to understand the underlying foundation of flash. I think with a better UI design for MM products, using the dev tools will be easier.

These are just a few of the things that might happen. For developers like me, things are always changing. Some people are scared of change. It could mean spending more money to update or replace an old application that was probably installed 2 months ago (haha, that will be bad), it could mean going back to the drawing board or class room to learn some thing entirely new, its could mean loosing your job and someone with a better knowledge of the new technology replacing you, It could mean ……… But I believe these changes make us better developer’s day in and day out. We all know Adobe is a great company and their products are superior to their competitors (except MM haha) so I believe they will do a good job at improving the dev product from MM. My only worry is that MM is an open company and has a lot of supporting communities which Adobe lacks. Example, when Adobe and MM announced their plan to merge, by the end of that day, about 60000 blog of MM had been made but only a few from Adobe. That said, I hope Adobe takes advantage of MM’s open communities and spread their love to us all.


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